Sunday, October 2, 2011

Working? ORLY

Now, onto other things I'm doing...
This horizontal piece above, unfortunately, doesn't work for this layout.... desperately I put it in under short notice. correcting it now.

a WIP from Fashion & Lifestyle, since I'm fixing some things around with after crit last week...
My lines are much more direct and loose now, and its really freeing. I need to show some restraint and attempt more minimal linework. and cleaner work.

In terms of inspirational fashion illustrators, I've really admired René GRUAU and Kenneth Paul Block for their loose and decisive lines, textures from various dry and wet traditional media, and bold use of color. - a great little post about Block's work and appeal.

A major costume designer I feel connected to is Edith Head. Back when I had short hair and wore my glasses more often, I was told I looked like her (or Edna Mode from the Incredibles).
A recent interest is with costume designer John Dunn, who has worked on Boardwalk Empire; he is amazingly tuned to period style and subtle touches of characters' relationship to clothing and status. a great interview that notes some thought process on character development and wardrobe.

For people who wonder if I have a tumblr... I do. Will be posting mostly inspiration fashion stuff.

And for those who don't follow me on twitter (wudanni) or listen to my music podcast (Authentic Jams), I have streaming feeds on the right side of this blog.

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