Sunday, October 2, 2011

more stuff from last weekend

More from last weekend! :D
This was set up by a former CCS Grad who's now teaching letterpress as well.

Beautiful design work by my friend Jacob at lovio george and their great design team in the Midtown area.

Ethan Nicolle, artist of AXECOP, gave me a free poster and drew a doodle in my sketchbook! :3

I was doodled by Matt Feazell and I drew a doodle of Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation.

On a more serious note, this was sort of irritating to see at a comics convention. A vendor was selling cheap cardstock prints of DC artwork, directly cropped wrong (probably 'fit to page') and printed off of or the artists' personal websites. At SDCC, this would never fly because DC has a booth there and can watch copyright infringements like a hawk (no unlicensed goods distributed). Detroit Fanfare's in its 2nd year, and is not associated with the Comic Cons in San Diego and New York. For it to continue (I think it aims to be more about artists and comics), this is something to improve upon. Also the location at Cobo Hall is too spread out and the a/c is super cold.
I did send a note to a great artist I met at SDCC, Dustin Nguyen about this issue (I recognized his work from his blog in the prints), and unfortunately the only thing artists can do is send a cease and desist letter or threaten legal action.

And another book I checked out recently:
I really want to own this book and I highly recommend this to people looking at more graphic/comics approaches to illustration and concepts. Also if you're a fan of retro humor and black comedy, this is a nice book for your coffee table.

"I've been waiting for a book of Mark Newgarden's stuff most of my adult life. Somehow, he managed to retool the basic external elements of cartooning - big noses, panel gags, punch lines - into a sophisticated inner language of uncomfortably familiar self-mocking existential despair. Most everybody knows that 'funny' is really 'misery,' but his stuff gets as close to misery as it can without quite ever touching off the chain reaction that'll make you want to cut your head off - all the while staying hilarious. We 'youngsters' should be paying him reparations for stealing from him for all these years."
- Chris Ware

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