Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inspirational color schemes

Since taking an oil painting class, I am more fascinated by color theory and the palette of artists. I hope to get dynamic color sensitivity like the artists above.
From the top: Nathan Watkiss, Edward Hopper, Frank Franzetta

Great tip from another artist: try color matching your favorite screenshots from movies. do this digitally or traditionally.

2 down, countless more to go!

Recently finished my tarot card (I'm still coloring the back card design, but it's finished mostly).

Process coloring:

Knight of Wands (reversed) is a doomed traveler, with no direction and surrounded by trials represented by fire. I decided to go with the merry-go-round metaphor- a horse with no knight, no guidance, constantly trapped on a carousel that is literally on fire.

I will get a better shot of this, but my 3pt assignment is completed.

process layers and ideations... I redraw my grid out 3 times and adjusted the ellipses constantly.

Friday, March 18, 2011

in progress work and more portraits

Painting is a serious love of mine. I can't wait to plein air paint this summer.

Some mostly done portraits I did for Nancy before spring break. I am varnishing them and rendering a bit farther on some things for them so it's not so flat in places. As you can see, I like redheads. They're a rare breed.

Here's some shots of things I'm currently working on- I had issues updating recently due my camera and losing things from spring break.

In progress portrait for Nancy's class, 2nd to last one is almost done!

Creative perspective assignment that I'm really ambitious about it but frankly I need to do this if I want to get better at environments. This old grid is getting redrawn for corrections.

The inking I did for my Tarot card in Imagemaking; I'm coloring digitally, so I'll post updates of this by Saturday.
Large piece for Nancy, it's a based off an ink sketch I had based on a daydream. Headless people.

This oil painting needs tweaking, but it's for Tech 2... the longer I look at it, the less effective I think it is conceptually speaking; composition-wise it makes sense. Trial and error.

some color studies of a personal piece for a possible book cover thing in Tech 2.

Things I learned this week getting back to CCS...

Being the student rep for my department is really an experience; relationships in the Illustration Family need strength and support in leadership. It's just hard to get together when CCS swamps you with work and other commitments.

Artists are really islands and we need to get to know each other more often. As a freshman, I met numerous people that I consider great friends. Even now, I find new people that are considerate. It's those people that pull you out of a crappy day.