Sunday, November 21, 2010

some more progress stuff and side project images

I saw this at the DIA recently. VERY nicely done in chalk pastel.

This is what I have so far with my self-portrait for fig 2, fixing the denim and skin tones as this is updated.
An in-class head study and an in-class figure study... I was too tired to finish but I liked what I was getting at.
Some book arts stuff for sale and etc. :D
Noel Night is coming up and I'm working on painting and book making and some jewelry.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

quick update/preview

I was in Chicago for an all day Saturday trip thanks to Megabus and CCS Hall Council and the people that signed up for the event. so now I'm playing catch-up with lots of work to cover and I plan to update this blog eventually.

besides that, here's 2 images from my fig 2 self portrait assignment. The charcoal was hard to do with the mirror pose and lighting. I then cropped the shot and adjusted my head position so it'd be easier to mirror paint. The lineart photo was taken at an angle, the work is not actually slanted back as you see in here (i will post a better photo later). 80s bike chick= me. :D