Thursday, December 15, 2011

NYCC part 1

So this is one of three posts related to my experience at NYCC back in October. I just haven't really been able to update my blog about anything since I got back to school....

First off, I did some artist doodles (apparently nobody does doodles of the artists as they doodle... I was so META):

It was a great chance to practice getting a quick likeness down (these were roughly 5-10 mins each). Also sorry about writing "bearsex" next to Craig's face... I had to take some important notes for future illustrations.

Let's get down to the cool stuff... SWAG:

I bought a copy of Robbi's webcomic, Frankie Get Your Gun while I was smoozing in artist alley. :] Check out his work on his deviantart and the blog on his webcomic.

Had to get an issue of American Vampire signed by SGM himself. The guy is too cool and you can check out his deviantart. If I had the money, I'd buy an original spread from Joe the Barbarian or Hellblazer.

Awwwww I got to meet Yuko and Ananth of Johnny Wander! :3 Webcomics are amazing.

Did I mention I got this sweet Wolverine sketch from Guillermo Ortega? SO WORTH $30.

And much more stuff will be covered in the next NYCC-related post. I have to write a review for this graphic novel and etc.

motion graphics are hard

After Effectssssss whattttt.

so I had a 10-15 min overview of AfterEffects when I started this little motion graphic comic thing for my Fashion & Lifestyle Illustration class. It's not the best since I need to take a class to really know how to do this stuff, but I'm interested in taking an elective if I can.
Here is some process work, and I'll post the video later this weekend. :D

Sketches to loosen up
Thumbnails (I somehow lost some more that lead to the final one)

Final lineart

Light studies

Color studies


Basically I learned that I should draw the lineart in separate sections to animate... but this was a 2 part assignment in which I had already made the lineart all on one spread. With time constraints, I had to just work around it. Lessons learned indeed.

It was a 10 sec loop, but after my experience, I really appreciate people who work in this medium.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

doodle during finals

so I should be work on finals stuff but I wanted to doodle.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Not dead, just into finals time and I haven't complied any in progress stuff on here.

Not to mention I have still yet to review some things from NYCC since my trip was amazingly inspiring.

For now, I did a little doodle for the new and improved Jerk n' Draw, now named J+D Just Draw (much more professional sounding, I might add).