Saturday, September 18, 2010

some stuff from sketchbook

so I'm really jazzed about Fig 2... here are some head shots from my sketchbook.

Friday, September 3, 2010

painting completed!

This was a really good experience for me as the summer ends, as a callback to more serious, finished artwork. Also feels good to get frustrated with it, as I did this whole week. Chrome is hard to paint (lighting it is also evil). Also tried to be more "stylized" in this piece since he asked for a classic pin-up inspired girl... but with some attitude. I still need to work the attitude part, I need to draw more expressions, get loose with exaggerations (anatomy needs to be either tighter or looser). The pose is also slightly weird, as in, not naturally weighted- perspective is off on the body as well as the shoe, even though you can sit on your hand in that position, its not really relaxed/sexy (note to self: examine what makes something sexy)...... there are a lot of things wrong with this piece. BASICALLY SOME LEARNING HAPPENED HERE.

Overall, my eyes and hands are tired, crampy, etc.... it feels good!

It goes in the mail today, hopefully my friend will like it.