Wednesday, February 9, 2011

suddenly i am sort of zen about everything

This past weekend was really all over the place. My 2 small oil portraits were thrown in the trash accidentally when I left them out to dry after varnishing them. I was pulling an all nighter from sunday into monday and in the daze I had forgot to check on them. I did, however, take photos of my progress so I'm not going to have to redo them. Nancy is the sweetest lady.
Here are the photos:

R.I.P. 2nd and 3rd oil paintings I've ever done. At least I have some evidence that I worked on you guys.
My 2nd live model painting in class:

Good news from this week so far is that my ideation for my 3pt project is approved and I am doing some sketches of gargoyles and looking at gothic buildings, below is a nice interior from the DIA.... it may or may not involve a certain DARK KNIGHT.

I also have my pencil lineart and I'm in the process of doing my color studies for my Illustration Tech 2 assignment: portrait of someone you like/love but don't trust.
Other than that, I have some batman doodles from my asia studies class. :3