Saturday, February 6, 2010

currently working on....

Drawing 2 homework takes most of my time. Design Concepts 2 project is a 32-piece chess set, so I'll also be carving and sanding and spackling most of this weekend.
I also need photo refs for another painting project.... god I wish I knew how to paint.

1st semester stuff

Some art from last semester that I will be sort of embarrassed about by the time I graduate. Fo' rizzle.

Figure Illustration 1 final "The Shining" favorite movie scene self-portrait

Drawing 1 final "Varnitas" Still Life

Design Concepts 1 Final "Varnitas" foldup book ( yes both my teachers had the same idea)

new semester new art new progress

Since it seems like everyone is getting a blog for their art, I might as well join the fun. :D

Sure beats DeviantArt.

I am too legit to quit so this blog will archive some artwork I am and will be doing for my college years at CCS. Hopefully I see improvement.

As for the name "Magic Danish", it turns out someone already has my name as a blog so this is the next best thing. That blogger is currently nonexistant/not active so this is DANNI WU's AUTHENTIC ROAST ART BLOG.