Sunday, October 2, 2011

More, more, more... books and things I enjoy

So I hit the ground running (quite literally running around) a bit this Sept. But I'm glad it happened this way. I could have been QWOPing my way instead.

Currently I'm working on a few things for Noel Night and more books have entered my library... I think I have a spending problem (or rather, I was stressed out/ill and I socialized and materialized my efforts).

Syd Mead was at the Taubman Center Campus Bookstore a bit over a week ago and I got to get my book signed for this special occasion. He's back on book tour for 2012 and apparently designed some concept restaurant in New York... I want to go there.

I bought Yoshitaka Amano's Final Fantasy Art Book while at Detroit Fanfare and dug up my old japanese art book of his to compare. Both cover an extensive amount of creative energy and wide range of efforts.

The IDEA magazines are just breathtaking beautiful publications from Japan on typography and graphic design. Somehow, the approach is much more whimsical over the Pacific. Mildly 80s and very avant-garde.

This came in during the week of Syd Mead's visit and I read it in about one sitting. Habibi invokes the old times of Arabian Nights and long form epics of more European comic artists. This felt like I was reading something monumental, in the same vein as watching The English Patient in some ways.

And this is more research/personal swag that I had to get recently to calm the beast within. Seriously. That Blade Runner Soundtrack is worth a lot more in the market and it's out of print.

I must go and write a paper now and return items to people.

More personal branding and artwork in future posts, as I prepare my upcoming trip to NY Comic Con and meet up with friends, old and new.

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