Saturday, February 25, 2012

Self-portraits are weird.

For my first real digital painting in Tradigital, we had to do a self portrait that reflected an aspect of us (public or private). As a fan of parody and genre-based work, mine is about Star Trek cosplay and digital work spaces (I wish I had a cintiq).

TIME Magazine cover

For Tradigital , we were given a mock TIME cover job that had to cover the SOPA/PIPA controversy and legislation.

I wanted to explore a deeper symbolism in this piece using ancient mythology, but don't know if this reads as well as it could have (Cerberus's 3 heads have tags labeled the RIAA, MPAA, and GOV*). On the technical side, doing more inking and then applying digital color is a relatively new process for me, but I like the effects of it, and would probably make more edits to this with applied textures.

*alright, the "GOV" one seems too generic, but I'm considering other options.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Letterpress! :D

I'm super excited to say that I've been working in letterpress and I really like the look of linocuts- something to consider in future projects and designs.

My first broadside was based on the theme of space, and I chose to focus on the personal space of relationships. The linocut image is a true love knot, which is acts in the same way as a chinese fingertrap, composed of 2 overhand knots that tighten when pulled in opposite directions, inseparable yet flexible.

The 2nd project was for "impossible" ephemera, so I created posters for a "Pirate Craft Fair" event (not that I discriminate against pirates who are into crafts and knitting, but it is highly unlikely to happen). The knit bootie shape was made with xerox transfers.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spot Illustration from my book

I'm currently working on a semester long book, and it's been a long process figuring out how to do pages in it...

here's a teaser spread from my book about relationships:

Looking at it, I think I'll go back and make some edits again.