Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm not dead. I'm just outside, biking.

and working... currently in the office weekdays and studio/outside weekends. painting, sketching, biking..... and cooking up a storm too.*

something I am currently painting in memory of Ray Bradbury. RIP, I will love books forever.

I have been biking almost everyday now, as the weather gets hot and the riverfront is the only thing cool besides the pubs and etc. I bought this rare art book about Andrew Wyeth's 15 year portrayal of his neighbor, Helga, in paintings and drawings. My new House Industries Font Catalog came in the mail... I am working on some letterpress designing and etc at the moment. I also got a cool old tobacco tin as a business card holder. Until I can get/make a fabric/leather one for myself, this will do. 

 *this is creepier when people outside your family tell you you're going to make a man happy because you can cook and clean and bike. 

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