Monday, May 14, 2012

Letterpress Promo Stickers

So my last project in my intro letterpress class was to make whatever I wanted. I decided to make sticker sheets after looking at my vintage labels book for inspiration. My sketches have been mostly just icon/logo/comics based while I was in class and my professor Bryan was very helpful with critique and suggestions.
Here are the plates from the wonderfully local photoengravers and diemakers at Owosso Graphic Arts:

 To be honest, the offset crazy prints were much more interesting to me. mis-registered things can be really neat. I plan to make more of these sticker sheets in the future and hopefully I can do more designs with more funny awkward themes.
 This weekend, I'm going to the Logan Center at the University of Chicago for the Comics: Philosophy & Practice Conference. Three days of amazing things and I'm definitely going to be scripting/sketching things for future comics/books. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of my idols at this event and even more so, meet fellow cartoonists/artists/illustrators/writers/publishers/etc- all the creative people who make up the industry from what it was to what it is to what it will become.

 I'll be updating more often since the summer has started, so bear with me and the slow updates since I've been working around the Student Exhibition at CCS (Illustration is on the 10th floor and it's open to the public until May 25th). Also a lot of life happened.

If my 3G works in Chicago, I'll be making tweets about my trip and more info about this blog, my art, and the people I meet. Please follow @wudanni if you want.

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