Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spot Illustration from my book

I'm currently working on a semester long book, and it's been a long process figuring out how to do pages in it...

here's a teaser spread from my book about relationships:

Looking at it, I think I'll go back and make some edits again.

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  1. I know you said you'd do some edits, and I'm entirely sure what they would be, but something to be careful about is the way the type is read because currently I'm reading it as, "forget plenty her..." It's like the words "forget" and "plenty" flow too naturally next to/into each other. Something also to be weary about is when it's produced, the last part of "forget" is going to get lost in the spine if there are a lot of pages.
    On the subject of it being produced, how it is read might change when it is produced because the spine might allow for the left page to be read and then the right.
    I like the design a lot, and the handwritten letters and how they are configured gives it a very natural, conversational feel, which is usually where one would hear such a quote.