Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from SDCC/blog revamp

Got back from San Diego just yesterday evening and I'm still on West Coast time.

A shoutout of many thanks to the great CCS friends who made this possible- Chris Houghton and Kassandra Heller for their couch services and great cat company (great illustrators, btw), Jon, Victoria, Justin and Chris for the San Diego nerdy hangout, and the great artists, vendors, teachers, business people, and staff/fans who work to make SDCC happen every July!

Also a deep thank you to my roommate Joslyn and my former roommate Katie for rides to and from the airport.

More updates will be coming in after I get my blog in order here and edit some things. For now, I will leave you with my con doodle, some photos of my wall swag studio and the wonderful San Diego coastline.


  1. First time's not the last time out to San Diego I hope!

  2. Hi Danni, Nice work, post more! Hope you had a fun time in SDCC!

  3. @Dave -I'll be in cali again soon.
    @Craig -thanks for visiting my blog! :D