Thursday, March 18, 2010

Te Wei, Sergio Martinez, tumblr

Te Wei passed away this month at the ripe age of 95. He did a lot of great musical animated shorts that depicted Chinese folk culture. He was an artistic role model of my vaguely remembered childhood.

Recently, I found a thread post on Sergio Martinez' process on with a scanned interview/step-by-step article from the long defunct magazine, Step By Step. Martinez is well known in book illustration for Treasure Island and Pinocchio.
Since I discovered Martinez' illustrations through the blog Lines and Colors, I've been trying look for more of his work and the techniques he uses to work on both sides of vellum/trace. He has 4 separate, specific blogspots in english/spanish (?) that cover categories of his artwork, but the most comprehensive (and up to date) blog is Sergio's commets.

I bought some vellum the other day and can't wait to try working with some of his techniques!

Due to extreme customization capability in tumblr (apparently its practically like free webhosting), I am considering making an official site in tumblr that is more aesthetically streamlined and pleasing. This blogspot is more personal work than anything else, but it tries to keep a professional air. Gotta keep this classy!

Anyway, if anyone is willing to provide some tips about beginner html code for tumblr, that would be great. I'll doodle for it.

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