Thursday, December 15, 2011

motion graphics are hard

After Effectssssss whattttt.

so I had a 10-15 min overview of AfterEffects when I started this little motion graphic comic thing for my Fashion & Lifestyle Illustration class. It's not the best since I need to take a class to really know how to do this stuff, but I'm interested in taking an elective if I can.
Here is some process work, and I'll post the video later this weekend. :D

Sketches to loosen up
Thumbnails (I somehow lost some more that lead to the final one)

Final lineart

Light studies

Color studies


Basically I learned that I should draw the lineart in separate sections to animate... but this was a 2 part assignment in which I had already made the lineart all on one spread. With time constraints, I had to just work around it. Lessons learned indeed.

It was a 10 sec loop, but after my experience, I really appreciate people who work in this medium.

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