Friday, September 2, 2011

promo card from PB&J's show @ The Majestic

I did this quick n' dirty promo foldout card for Peter, Bjorn & John when they came to play at The Majestic Theatre last night (Thurs) as a part of their ALL YOU CAN EAT Tour in the States. They played an insane set of great music from their new album, "GIMME SOME" and some old favorites and early songs from their 2nd album in 2004, "Falling Out". While they played, I doodled the best I could in the crowd some sketches and wrote in the card "best of luck" and etc on their tour.

During my rough times last year, PB&J really helped me get out of my funk.
I've been seeing everybody around town the week before school starts and it's been a blast. I feel revitalized.

If you guys are in Midtown this weekend- I'll be biking around downtown and Eastern Market so maybe I'll see you around. :)

If you guys listen to my podcast, I'll have the full scoop on my Comic-con trip and things going on locally in the D after this weekend.

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