Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fig 2 painting and etc

So I've been late with updates but here is some stuff from Figure Illustration 2 that I've been working on these few weeks.

Sketchbook stuff (sorry these are crap camera shots, will scan better images later):

  1. Process work for my Wyeth mastercopy (sketches, B&W studies, color study, thumbnail, charcoal study, lineart, underpainting):
N. C. Wyeth's Boys of King Arthur illustrations are really cool, but have a wide range of color. With my limited palette of titanium white, yellow oxide, red oxide and mars black, it's weird to go by the tone of the piece... color swatches ahoy! the "dirty" earth tones are difficult right now.

And an in-class from last week I actually like:
Harry needs to dress as Santa sometime. The "Surfin' Santa" from those beach ads, to be more specific.

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