Monday, July 19, 2010

just a preview...

The first rough of many portraits of friends for practice/ project prep (I'm thinking of working on a painting series).
Still working on the psychobilly pinup for my friend. Most pinups are stylized, so I'm having issues capturing the "sexy" when I tend to go for darker, gritty work.

I am also seeking a model for 2-3 hour drawing sessions... this is sort of hard when you live in a somewhat rural area and don't have a car. :C

Watching some shows on Hulu... Green Wing is just great along with Black Books featuring Tamsin Greig! My favorite doctor on Green Wing is Alan (Mark Heap)- he's like a middle-aged, sexually repressed Beaker (The Muppets).

In other news, biking is great exercise and I plan to do plenty of it when I get back to the D. :D

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