Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sunday trip and scams

I had a great little trip to downtown Detroit on Sunday to take some photos and hang out. :D pretty nice for the most part, until your legs give out and you wanna teleport back to the ACB.
I should sketch the buildings and etc for perspective. The interior of the Guardian Building is all Art Deco and very elegant. While we were taking photos outside, a guy working the lobby motioned us to come over and I assumed we weren't allowed to take pictures.... but it's totally not the case.I wonder how much brunch is at this joint. Probably more than I can afford. Or any art student, for that matter.

Anyway, the other thing sort of art related is just a warning about what you can receive in the mail. Besides spam mail, there is also scam mail. As a heads up, don't sign up for anything suspicious that offers "free membership" or etc. I got a letter in the mail today for a free year of membership in the National Association for Professional Women...

NAPW is a major SCAM and you should be able to notice some red flags in their distribution mail. Aside from the second-rate "wedding style" graphic design that compose the layout of the flyer and card, you get some sketchy looking print marks on what looks like Xerox paper and an issue number ( for example, ####-A)on the right bottom corner. There is no liability/legality fine print that you see on most "official" organizations or a BBB certification. If any official organization in their right mind would send out papers offering freebies, they should at least work on better presentation.
Let's have some nice embossed paper and various credential blurbs or something. and try not to crowd the mailing card with type. Also switching from something that looks like a skinny Impact font to Arial is not classy. Let's keep it classy 'cause we're a legit women's organization. -__-

Currently working on my des con project and more painting related stuff; I will post pics soon.

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